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Written by the author of the Learn Go web site, this book helps improvers identify and fix weaknesses in their play by way of examples.

As players gain experience playing Go, they are still liable to make mistakes of course. Some they correct over time, but others seem to stick. This book attempts to help fix such shortcomings for players ranked 10 kyu to 20 kyu.

The book is the result of intensive study of hundreds of games on the KGS Internet Go Server. Each selected example shows what went wrong in a KGS game and how it could have been avoided. The book also gives guidance to help move players towards single digit kyu ranking.

Tom Brand, 3 Dan : "Improving at GO mainly involves learning new methods and digesting them through lots of deliberate practice until they become intuitive. Moffatt triumphs in clearly highlighting double digit Kyu errors and gently guiding the reader to a correct understanding of the underlying principles. Repetition of common shapes in examples generates the reader's feeling for the right move which leads to developed intuition and improvement. Moffat's lucid and engaging style also makes this book easy to read and enjoyable. This book will be a great aid to any keen double digit Kyu player looking to begin on the right foot and improve quickly."

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Sample pages from the book :